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Wooden Guzheng
Apr 25, 2018

Guzheng is woodiness structure instrument, noodles, floor is made by the soft TongMu, so it on the outside environment influence are very sensitive. A guzheng nursing to play for many years, Care not, in a very short time appear craze, degum, deformation, etc, leading to scrap. Guzheng nursing should note: Prevent insolate, damp, collision. Go out or not play when, if not the most content such as cloth box package - sunscreen, rainproof drench, dustproof. Because the lumen guzheng larger, and bare wood, especially noodles sheet metal soft, very easy to absorb moisture from the air, so in YinYuTian or yellow mildew season is not playing the harp, most put out sound holes cloak, lest affect surface damp pronunciation, or because after damp agglutination site mildew enables the glue to premature failure. Guzheng mobile guzheng column school sound application hand first upward against string, reduce string of zheng column again after moving, avoid injury (especially nylon wire string) and scratches panel. Play before will hand wipe up, in case the fingers of water, sweat and oil glued to the string, make string by flyblown or rust and shorten life. The northern friend will not be in the winter, or on heating guzheng near easily crack!

The best temperature for the use of the zither is 20°C and the optimum humidity is 50%. Under normal circumstances, the temperature is maintained at 16-28 °C, humidity in the space between 50 to 70% using the zither on the instrument vibration and pronunciation are more favorable.

Guzheng should be handled gently to avoid collision or violent vibration.

Guzheng should be placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid direct exposure to moisture, rain, and direct sunlight (in the northern region, radiators must not be exposed to heat to avoid exposure to intense heat or deformation). Do not place it in the kitchen or where smoke is easily exposed. The adsorption will directly affect the instrument sound.

After the guzheng is used, a dry soft cloth can be used to wipe the perspiration on the strings to prevent the strings from rusting. When not in use, it is best to use a zigzag cover to reduce the erosion of dust, light or damp air on the zither.

Guzheng should be used frequently, which is conducive to the stability of string tension. The body of the instrument is often shaken and can promote the perfection of the tone.

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