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The Zheng Of Chinese Musical Instrument Culture
Apr 26, 2017

A Zheng is a plucked instruments of multiple strings. Its shape is approximate to the long box shape, slightly raised in the middle, the floor is flat or approximate to the plane. The head of the Zheng has a slow and fallen zheng feet. On the wooden box panel, set a Zheng chord. Under each chord, the size can be moved around, to adjust the pitch and sound quality, and can be used for rotation.

Naming source

Zheng History called Qin Zheng. On the name of the Zheng, there are a variety of statements, said that there is a splitting of the SE, but is because of the pronunciation of the name.

Pronunciation Name

Another argument is because of the nature of the pronunciation of its name, Liu Xi "The name of the word" in "Zheng, Shi Strings high, Zheng Zheng ran," to hold this said. Said Zheng because of "the height of the strings" and pronunciation "Zheng Zheng ran," this tone is clearly the tone of the soothing of the SE.

Argue for Seezi

"Set Rhyme" in the holding of "separation of the Zheng" said: "Qin vulgar thin evil, father and son have a quarrel, the person each of its half, then called Zheng." Of course, apart from the father and son of the argument, there are brothers and sisters, as well as the argument of Joseph.

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