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The Purchase And Identification Of Guqin
Apr 26, 2017

Distinguish Guqin should pay attention to material selection, craft and pronunciation, the guqin is not only the timbre of the sound, but also very beautiful appearance.

The most important to make guqin. Panels should be used to straighten straight, uniform width, moderate hardness, no trace and insect pests and other defects in the production of Wutong Wood. Tang Dynasty Qin family Lei Shi once summed up as: "Good selection, deep intention, 500 years, have pronunciation."

Distinguish the merits of guqin, mainly from material selection, craft and pronunciation.

In the craft, the harp surface radian Ping Zheng, the natural moderate, cannot have the SAG or the inequality. The piano body is upright, put on the table should be smooth. All parts of the processing must be fine, the glue is firmly in the gap. The body paints elegant tones and smooth surfaces. The strings should be uniform, texture luster, white and tensile strength. Wrapped chord with tight, uniform, bright, smooth as good.

In pronunciation, should sound pure, volume grand, all the strings sound evenly, no noise, treble clear, resonance and the effect of far better, beautiful tone, mellow, crisp, neither sharp nor blunt.

The broken pattern on the guqin is the symbol of the ancient guqin. This peculiar phenomenon is due to the wooden, lacquer and vibration performance of the different, the harp lacquer after years of vibration caused. The guqin has broken lines, not only the piano tone, but also very beautiful appearance. Since the Northern Song Dynasty, Qin people attach great importance to this.

The shape of the broken lines is more, according to the "latent books" contained in: "Guqin to break the pattern of evidence, do not recite a hundred years of continuous." There is a plum blossom, such as the plum blossom, this is the most ancient; ox hair broken, its veins such as hair Chiba, there is a snake belly broken, its stripes cross cutting piano noodles ... ... There are dragon veins broken, the pattern is large, there are moire, ice cracks. The guqin has traditionally been the most precious of the snake's belly and the plum blossom. Beijing Palace Museum Treasures Karakoto "Cloud Nine Ring Peja", is snake abdominal broken guqin.

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