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The King Of Folk Instruments
Apr 24, 2018

China's folk musical instruments are vast and colorful. Today, I will introduce Guzheng.

Guzheng is known as the king of folk instruments. It is a representative of Chinese folk musical instruments and a treasure of national culture. Guzheng is one of the oldest plucked instruments in our country. Today it has a history of more than 2,000 years. The zither is composed of a panel, a floor, a side board, a zither head, a zither tail, a yue mountain, a yard, and a mountain sound hole.

Guzheng music is subtle and gentle, fresh and stretchy, with infinite charm, sometimes deep and deep, clear and flowing, vividly squeaking a trickle, and the wonderful sound of a drip-dropping fountain makes people feel like being in the magnificent natural beauty, sometimes elegant. The lyrics and the ambience are harmonious, the melody is smooth, the melody is charming, and the lively and brisk emotions can even be expressed. The enthusiasm is even more intense. There is sensation in the agitation, and there are many embarrassment and sadness. It makes people extremely sad and can not be calm for a long time.

After listening to my introduction, did you have a deeper understanding of Guzheng? Let's quickly explore our Chinese folk instruments!

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