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The Historical Origins Of Guzheng
Apr 26, 2017

Guzheng is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China. Its beautiful tone, broad range, rich performance skills, with considerable expressiveness, so it is well received by the masses of people's favorite.

Guzheng is an ancient national musical instrument that accompanies our country's long culture and is a native of the fertile loess ground. Early in the Warring States period BC from 5th century to 3rd century, it was widely circulated in the area of Qin (present-day Shaanxi), so called Qin Zheng. It has been calculated for more than 2,500 years.

Zheng is an ancient national musical instrument, the Warring States period prevailed in the "Qin", Sima Qian's records of the historian, "Li Si column." The information cited in the letter-by-guest book is quite worthy of our attention. Li Si the "Jian-by-guest book", said the section of Qin music and dance, "The husband strikes urn, knocking on the harp, beating thigh, and song hum Ears." The sound of the Qin Dynasty also. Zheng Wei mulberry Room, Shao Yu, Wu Elephant, exotic music also. Today, knock on the jar, the urn and the disease Guardian, the rebound Zheng and take Shao Yu, if the person who also? It's just a thing to do. ”

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