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The Distinction Between Mahogany, Old Mahogany And Golden Silk
Apr 26, 2017

Mahogany Series Guzheng is the selection of Rosewood production, the old Mahogany series is the use of Myanmar acid sticks wood, Golden Silk mu series selection of 1000 Years of ancient mu production, these materials are mainly used in Guzheng Zheng gu bian plate on the tail side of the head. The difference between the same series of Guzheng is only the craft.

The main factors that determine the sound quality of guzheng are panels, strings, Zheng Zheng tou zheng Tail side panels, side panels play a sound reflective role. Due to the different texture of three materials, relatively speaking, mahogany series of guzheng sound mellow, crisp, bright, suitable for playing a crisp modern music; the series of Mu-si-jin gu zheng charm foot, timbre simple and elegant, suitable for playing more classical music.

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