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The Difference Between Harp Produced And Guzheng
Apr 26, 2017

Ancient harp produced can be coarse divided into vertical harp produced and lying harp produced, one of the early lying harp produced appeared in the spring and Autumn Period of Chu, and Guqin same origin, but its long-shaped resonance box panel has the same taste as pipa, this is it with lute in the shape of the main difference; Use Bamboo to play or strike. The vertical harp produced is evolved from the ancient Hunters ' bow, which is the oldest stringed musical instrument which has been born with the birth of human earliest civilization, with more than 5,000 years of history. More ancient musical instruments than this? I'm afraid I've been more than the number of fingers: stone whistle, bone whistle, bone flute, Xun, Tao Di. By BC 1200, the vertical harp produced has been basically stereotyped (2000 hundreds of years thereafter, no major changes), then passed through Persia to Central Asia and India, the Qin has been in China's Xinjiang area. Han Emperor opened the western regions, the vertical harp produced slowly into the central Plains-in fact, the east to China called Harp produced, the west to Europe called Harp, just modern Chinese people set up a "harp" translation name.

Phoenix culture is also a cosmopolitan culture, from China to Europe's vast areas, Phoenix, Golden wings, non-dead birds, are her.

The current transfer harp produced is not an antique, in fact, since in the 1970 of the 20th century by the Chinese musical instrument reform home combined harp and guzheng (also some of the pipa and guqin things) and innovative musical instruments. Its performance techniques are mainly used in the performance of many nationalities plucked instruments, and learn from the harp's playing techniques: to take the posture, the resonance box to the chest, left and right hand playing both sides of the strings, because of the double-row sounds, the two harp, is tantamount to playing a fast melody and harmonics, it is quite convenient, but also can play a melody and accompaniment without interfering with each other, harmony has rich color. Because through the piano bottom clever balance axis and balance lever connection, left and right double row chord tension forever equal, therefore can also in the center range passes the left-hand string, the right hand uses a large (small three-degree interval) rubbing, sliding, pressure, flutter skills, can also play the overtone, rocker finger, wheel finger and various tone changes of the various techniques, and can be used in harmonic melody kneading, pressing skills ... Such a transfer harp produced both guqin, guzheng charm, can be excellent performance of Chinese national music style characteristics, and the sound of harp, can play all harp. Staring at the distance, the potential of our national new musical instruments is enormous.

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