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Tang Dynasty, The Sage Of The Guqin Sound 115 Million
Apr 26, 2017

Tang Dynasty "The Sage Legacy" Fu Xi Guqin in China in the spring on the appearance, and 115 million yuan high price deal. 2003, it was a world record for the guqin auction in 8.91 million yuan.

This piano has been more than 1250 years of history, has been Wang Shixiang, Yuan Quanyou couples collection. Qin Fu Xi-style, round pond carved cursive "The sage legacy" four words, the foot holes painted more than peeling, wood is close to decay, the foot is wrapped around fabric and plug wood is still difficult to fix. To this end, Wang Shixiang special experts to make copper sleeve and imitation of the old dyeing, and invite the famous Guqin performer Guan Pinghu Mr. Installation of copper foot in the hole, piano sound nondestructive, excellent effect. Kerry Company this year April at the National Theater to hold "The Sage Legacy" Guqin concert, reproduce the musical instrument of the day of the sound of the sounds.

At present, the world Guqin auction records from the Northern Song Dynasty Song Hui Imperial System "pine Stone between Italy" piano maintained, the price of 136.64 million yuan.

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