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Qilu Guqin In Chunqiu And Warring States Period
Apr 26, 2017

Representing the Chinese traditional culture of guqin art, has a long history, is the pride of our Chinese nation. In modern times, the guqin music in China is viewed internationally as the representative of Oriental Classical music. With the rise of modern national music science, many foreign scholars have started to study and research it enthusiastically, eloquence's ancient music research monographs, theses, Guqin Qin's data are published in Japan and the United States. Gao Luopei, a scholar of sinology and national Musicology, who died 1967. Van Galik in the early Qing Dynasty, Japan chuan the Qin family Dong Gao Monk study, than the domestic further in-depth. However, the Guqin art research in China has more favorable conditions and many talents. In fact, the research work of Guqin has also begun to be valued by music industry in recent years.

We Shandong is the Qilu ancient country, far from the spring and autumn, near the end of the Qing Dynasty, all appeared in the national piano altar very influential Guqin home, Qin studies have flourished several degrees. But today, in my province, not only is difficult to find the piano still in the operation of the people, many young people even professional music workers have not seen such musical instruments, this is a worrying situation!

Guqin formerly known as "Qin" or "lyre", in the piano before adding an "ancient" word is nearly a hundred years. It is a stringed instrument that is played horizontally on the table, its empty strings such as bell, harmonic qingyue like beads, as a song by glide, and expressive of the legend of its magical charm of anecdotes in the history of books has a large number of records. Like "Six Ma Angmo", "Swim fish to listen to" and so rich legendary story has become the eternal tale. It is illustrated that the Guqin art has been loved by our people in the past thousands of years.

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