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How To Maintain The Guqin
Apr 26, 2017

One, Qin Xi cool not hot, do not put the guqin in the sun or there are other heat sources, at the same time to avoid blowing drafts, the guqin encounter heat or temperature and humidity changes too much easy cracking or deformation, once the "arch back", "collapse waist" phenomenon, the guqin can not be used normally;

Second, the Guqin XI Jie do not like dirt, guqin the most afraid of lampblack, was contaminated by the strings, tone will change. Also to prevent dust accumulation, always wipe, keep the piano body and the strings clean;

Three, Guqin Xi Li, not to play, in the time, the guqin best do not flat, should hang it on the wall or stand in the corner of Action, of course, can also play piano pack into the wardrobe.

Before playing, wipe the hands clean, to prevent the finger on the water, sweat, oil and other sticky strings, so that the strings are dirty or rust and shorten the use period. After playing, you also need a dry cloth wipe the piano behind the wall hanging above.

Because of the differences in the climate, the piano to a different place, usually there will be a process of adaptation, if the piano in the maintenance of improper, often prone to the problem of piano, the impact of normal use, rework more time-consuming, so it is the key to hedge against dyeing.

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