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How To Choose Guzheng For Beginners
Apr 26, 2017

1, the first piano panels, no matter how high-end piano, panels and backplane are paulownia, it is only the different grades, we can from texture, density to do one of the most important distinguishing, a good piano should be a clear wood grain, no worm, scar, rot, the puzzle should be tight, see no clearance.

2, Qin's side plate, piano head, piano tail part of the wood is based on different grades, generally speaking senior Guzheng brand products will use mahogany, some expensive guzheng will use rosewood, etc. But I think the most to pay attention to whether there are bags, if wrapped up that is a plywood, plywood Zheng is absolutely impossible, like we usually buy leather shoes ah, bags ah what is the same, the dermis will not wrap around.

3, after finishing the texture and whether there is the edge of the bag, it can be the head, that is, the piano to the right of the lid on the open look, if the inside brush the paint, that harp can not want, that is the piano is in jerry-building, because the paint inside the brush is the most economical and the most labor-saving, and a good piano general piano lid inside will have two conditions, one is a light plate, touch up very flat, and relatively slippery, no paint, looks more delicate, the second is inside a layer of velvet cloth, But remember: inside the flannel must be more delicate, feel is better, some shoddy piano will be a layer of rough flannel.

4, chord distance is also a note of detail, the width of the chord should be uniform. In addition, geographically speaking, the South should buy guzheng manufacturers for the south, the North should buy guzheng manufacturers are north, so the effect will be better, because the southern Guzheng factory production of the North easy to crack, sound, the northern Zheng Gu Zheng to the south, the sound of tightness. Although there are many cards now, but it is best to pay attention to geographical location, or after purchasing at home to do some related protective measures.

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