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Guqin Art And TCM Health
Apr 26, 2017

Guqin, also known as Lyre, for the first four arts four arts, is the oldest of the Chinese nation, one of the musical instruments, legend has been created by Fuxi. Guqin history has a long-standing, profound cultural heritage, its quiet and refined voice has long and the Chinese culture, especially and unique Chinese philosophy, aesthetics, ethics and other humanistic ideas fused together. The guqin is different from other musical instruments, it is the ancient literati used to cultivate temperament of the exclusive of the Holy device, literati to express feelings of the ideal, the Friends of the heart, when alone, the piano is far beyond the meaning of music, become the symbol of Chinese culture and ideal personality. "Seven strings on the tune cold, this art companion since ancient times difficult", it is not the public performance art, not in "he entertainment" the performance intent, but to "amuse oneself" health care behavior of the main thrust, its purpose is "health", "repair virtue" and so on. "Zuo Chuan Shong" contains: "Gentleman's near lute, with the Instrument festival also, not to Tao Heart also". Song Zhuchang Wen "Qin History" also said: "The Gentleman of the piano, not to take their voices, tatsu in view of the political Yan, poor in order to Shou life," think that the main function of the piano is enlightenment and self-cultivation. Therefore, guqin art generally does not call "Piano art", and respect for "piano learning."

The traditional theory of health preservation is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, its formation and development is closely related to the splendid traditional culture of thousands of years, and the rich and colorful method of preserving the health has been circulated so far. But "the medical art Sea First Door", the motherland Medicine actually also contains some skill characteristic. The theory of TCM health Preservation is the starting point of the holistic conception of "harmony between heaven and Man" and "the unity of shape and God", emphasizing the coordination between human and natural environment and social environment, and the harmony between psychology and physiology. "Russell asked the ancient naïve theory" said: "The Ancients, who know that the law in Yin and yang, and in the number of surgery, eating and drinking has a festival, living there is often, not to do so, so can be shaped and divine, and the end of their years.


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