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Why the zither at home is not allowed tone! What to do?
Apr 26, 2017

Do not know that the small partners are often encountered such a situation: the mixer changed n, the tone is always not allowed, class in the teacher to play the special beautiful tune, back to the home of their own piano can hardly listen, completely not adjusted! What is this? In fact, the reason is very simple, do not know clever you have found the reason?

1, Guzheng is a wooden instrument, wood in different weather, because the humidity will cause different densities, and the density of different pitch results in subtle changes. In particular, the Guzheng panel is made from the soft tong wood, the weather on its impact directly through the strings reflected. Therefore, when the weather changes in a larger tune, it is best to tune all the tones, rather than just a set of tones.

2, your harp on the right? Qin code is not in the situation, even if you just adjust the chord, it is easy to run away. Therefore, must put the piano code, and the strings perpendicular, so that the strings just card to the groove, so the pitch will be relatively stable!

3, when you give the guzheng to the new strings, must be pulled by hand, press a press, until how to press the glide is not out of tune. Because the tension of the strings is not open, elastic, but by pressing-tighten the piano shaft-again and again pressing the repeated movements, so that the tension of the string is fully done, its intonation can achieve relative stability.

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