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The placing of the guqin
Apr 26, 2017

In view of the drama, movies, games and other places where the guqin of the pieces of the piano is always the place to make mistakes, it is necessary to give a reminder.

found that the 87 edition "Dream of Red mansions" the most kind, Lin Daiyu play guqin, as well as the knowledge of the piano is right. Now the drama, the game even the basic arrangement of the guqin is wrong. There are some TV dramas, not to go up to play, the left hand how to do also wrong.

The place of the guqin should be wide head to the right, narrow head toward the left, the most thin line toward oneself, the emblem point and the thickest chord opposite. Qin's Piano zhen, that is, the width of the head, is hanging on the right side of the table.

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