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The maintenance method of Guzheng
Apr 26, 2017

Any musical instrument, such as custody and improper use, will make the instrument suffer. Often use musical instruments, making musical instruments in a good vibration state, a favorable musical instruments between the structure of the further tune, the so-called "Qin rely on people." Guzheng uses the occasion of the best temperature of 20 ℃,

The optimum humidity is 50%. In general, the temperature is maintained at 16-28 ℃, humidity in the space between 50 using guzheng to musical instrument vibration and pronunciation are more favorable.

Guzheng should be used lightly to avoid collisions or violent vibrations.

Guzheng should be placed in dry, cool and ventilated place, to avoid damp, rain and Sunshine direct exposure (north of the winter can not close to the radiator, lest the exposure or distortion), do not put in the kitchen or easy to contact the area, Lampblack adsorption will directly affect the musical instrument tone.

Zheng used after the use of dry soft cloth to wipe the sweat on the strings and so on, in case the strings rust. It is best to use a Zheng hood to reduce dust, light or damp air on guzheng erosion.

Guzheng should be used frequently, it is conducive to the stability of the string tension, piano body often shake, can promote the sound of perfection.

The intonation of Guzheng is influenced by the conditions of temperature, humidity and vibration. Once you find the sound of the piano should not be tuned in time, otherwise it will affect the performance.

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