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The details needing attention in practicing guqin
Apr 26, 2017

The beginner's time, because the tune is shorter, the child practicing piano is easy to bomb ripe, then thought oneself has nothing to practise. In fact, often overlooked the most important part!

1, Hand type

For example, there is no high lift finger; Dazhi, four fingers, fingers at the fingertips in place

2, Rhythm

There are no resting, slitting, weak, triple-linking errors, etc.

3, intonation

Generally concentrated on the lifting number is wrong to see the problem. Of course, different situations will have different emphases.

It is recommended that beginners should practise more slowly and not quickly. Pay attention to intonation, rhythm, hand type and other skills (mainly jump, linking, music, etc.). Another beginner if it feels etude is difficult, can also play some more simple fingers practice, but should be aware that each finger to average treatment, right-handed to average treatment.

In addition, in order to train students ' music fluency, short tunes if there is a place to play wrong, suggesting that the main attack prone to error areas, not all Qu tune.

For intermediate and Advanced piano learners, Guzheng learning mainly lies in the improvement of skill and musical comprehension. So, practice should pay more attention to efficiency, otherwise ineffective playing the piano is almost tantamount to no piano.

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