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The beauty of the artistic conception of guqin
Apr 26, 2017

The word conception first appeared in Wang Guowei's "Human Cihua", he proposed "the smell of the outside, the ringing of the strings", "The Mood" includes two layers meaning, one is "meaning", namely: the artist subjective emotion reveal, the second is "the boundary", namely: external social environment or the natural environment reflection, reproduction. The realm of this situation implies infinite flavour and endless meaning, the aftertaste, so that people linger, so called "the flavor of the outside" and "the ringing outside of the strings", because "the words" and "strings outside" are not bound by the reality of the spiritual realm, and thus the world is wider, ethereal, unlimited. Artistic conception is a unique aesthetic category of a very rich national characteristic in China, which is common in classical poetry, Chinese painting, calligraphy and so on, of course, Chinese guqin is no exception.

Guqin pursues precisely the profound mood of the implication. The "Mountain Stream encounter bosom friend" is the best way of communicating with the sub-period, and the proof of resonance. By reading the books of the Qin and Guqin Hall I understand that the realm of Chinese guqin is "endless", "Infinite", "" Deep Micro "," inexhaustible ", with the smallest sound material to show the richest spiritual connotation, so the sound of light, sound dilute, piano meaning to the strings, it is the words have the utmost meaning infinite. The big poet Tao Yuanming once said, "but know the piano is interesting, what pains the chord," it is to the piano music of the heavy meaning, the thought of the overtones pushed to the poor philosophical thinking.

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