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Several problems needing attention in the beginner of Guzheng
Apr 26, 2017

A good study interest is the foundation of learning Guzheng

Interest is the best teacher. The educator of ancient China Confucius pointed out: "Know the person is inferior to good know, good know is inferior to the happy person". The meaning is: for the knowledge, the person who understands it is inferior to the person who likes it, likes it the person who is addicted to it, with it as the music person. By extension, the piano is the same.

Interest is the main motive force for teenagers to study, the key to learning Guzheng is to cultivate children's interest in piano. The average child is just beginning to study, feeling more fresh, coupled with the sound of Guzheng is also very graceful, so interest is easy to cultivate. But a long time, the total practice some etude, coupled with the left-hand hand pressed chord pain, began to retreat. How to cultivate a stable interest in a child's brief interest? Can be added in the teaching of some children familiar with the small tunes, such as "Swallow", "Nanniwan", etc., let the child learn back to play to parents listen to meet the children's performance. In addition, let the novice children regularly watched the wonderful performances of their peers, using model Law to cultivate children's interest, so can also receive a good effect.

Second, mastering the correct method is the key to learning Guzheng

Any discipline wants to make progress in technology. Learning Guzheng is no exception, for beginners, mastering the right method is important. If it is a wrong way to play, once the habit is formed, it will seriously affect the training and performance level.

Generally speaking, beginners want to understand the right posture, hand shape, direction of movement and means of playing. Posture to sit more, generally sit on the right side of the piano, the body is centered on the number first piano yards, the waist and the same high panel. The body is left with a punch around the side plate. The legs were separated from "at ease". A hand-shaped half-fist, just like a hand in the baby's sleeping. The direction of the fortune finger is parallel to the Zheng plane, requiring a positive touch chord, the direction of each finger is basically perpendicular to the plane of Zheng chord, with the point at the finger joints.

Three, abundant expressive force is the necessary condition to learn guzheng well

The performer's musical expressiveness is decisive. The outstanding guzheng performers often can produce the intense artistic appeal, make the person immersive, scenes, shape vivid artistic image.

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