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Musical instrument tuning
Apr 26, 2017

The guqin mode has 35 kinds, according to the fifth voice order tuning, the positive tone range has four eight degrees 01 big two degrees.

In the stringed instruments, guqin is a more unique musical instrument, the piano is a finger plate, no column and product. Playing, the piano is placed on the table, the right hand bomb the strings, the left hand in the string tone, completely relying on the piano logo (not limited to 13 emblem, many voices are in the emblem and the emblem between), intonation requirements are extremely stringent.

The pitch of an empty chord is not fixed, depending on the musical. When tuning the strings of the lowest one empty chord is a C-tone, tuning from the first chord to the seventh chord in the fifth voice order, respectively, C, D, F, G, A, C, D. Guqin wide range, by C-D3, a total of four eight degrees 01 large two degrees.

Qin also has tight five strings, slow sanxian, tight five-slow mode.

The guqin expressive force is particularly rich mellow, use different playing technique, can play a lot of artistic performance characteristic, its loose tone (empty chord tone) loud, vigorous, macro such as bronze bell, harmonic transparent as bead, rich and colorful, because of register different and varied. The treble area is clear and crisp, like shake in the wind; Sound pronunciation is solid, also known as "real sound", the tone of each register is also different, the bass region vigorous and strong, the mid-wide macro-run, the treble area Shang slender. In the sound of various glide, soft like songs, also has a profound and meticulous expression.

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