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Factors influencing timbre
Apr 26, 2017

Guzheng belongs to the plucked instruments class, his basic timbre is the finger at the best touch point to play, so that the string to achieve the best vibration state, thus issuing mellow, clear, strong, elastic sound. The proper way of touching chord is the key link in the correct performance of timbre.

The skill of the performer can compensate for the inadequacy of the musical instrument's timbre. Firstly, the position of the chord affects the timbre of guzheng. The tone of the treble area of a good Zheng should be bright and not dry; the mid-tone area is rounded and gentle, and the bass area is Chun and not empty. The timbre near the Takeyama is brighter and rigid, and the tone of the piano is dim and softer. Because the different position of Guzheng has different timbre, according to the needs of the music we can change the position of the chord to change the tone.

such as the "Miluo Jiang" The Imitation guqin timbre in the vigorous bass section of the play, when playing the chord position at One-second of the chord, this position, the chord on both sides of the playing point is fully vibrated, the lingering sound continuation of the longest, the sound of vigorous, deep, give people the sense of primitive simplicity. and different positions can also produce special timbre, such as "War Typhoon" in the piano to the left side of the code, noisy voices show the storm howling the harsh scenes. We usually play at 3-4 cm from Takeyama, this part of the sound is strong and bright, according to scientific proof that the most clean playing point in the effective chord segment one-eighth, here is precisely the tone of the height of three eight degrees of overtone, this position played after the overtone less, sound clean and bright.

Secondly, the use of left-handed techniques affects the timbre of guzheng. Guzheng is the fifth tone of the musical instrument, "rhyme" is the important characteristics of guzheng. Left hand not only to hold 4, 72 of the task of sound, and because of the need of rhyme, the left hand must continuously slip yin knead, to drifted lingering charm. At this time the left hand relaxed, light evenly and down shaking, chord tone can produce uniform Boeing.

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